Fear of Dentist

We often hear new patient say, ” No offense, I like you but I don’t want to be here.” Followed by a nervous giggle.  After his/her visit at our office, he/she would wonder what they were nervous about and they should have come a lot earlier if they knew dentistry could be a pleasant experience.

Most of the time people neglect their oral health because they had a bad experience years ago. The anxiety builds up, and it becomes harder and harder to gather up the courage to visit the dentist again…….until they have pain. Then they end up needing extensive treatment due to the neglect, and cycle begins once again.

If patients can only visit the dentist regularly, problems can be fixed with minimal invasion. For example, a small cavity does not necessarily require freezing, and a regular 3-6 months cleaning is half the time of a “deep cleaning” which would be required if someone has not had a cleaning in years. And……….. of course, the overall cost would be substantially less.



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