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High quality dental treatment is an investment in your long term health and well being. The treatment we provide is based on a thorough assessment of your unique condition. Our goal is to optimize your oral health by customizing your treatment to your particular needs. At the same time we strive to keep the cost of treatment within your budget while still providing the highest quality of care.
We accept payments by cash, cheque, interac (debit card), VISA and Mastercard. For major treatment, short and longer term payment plans are available.

A Word About Dental Insurance

Dental Benefit Plans are a wonderful way to make modern dentistry more affordable. However, these benefit plans usually pay less than 100% of the cost of dental treatment and sometimes limit benefits to only basic short term treatment solutions. These limitations are placed in a contract between your employer and the dental insurance carrier to reduce the cost of the plan.

The contract for quality dental treatment is between you, the patient, and your dentist. The dentists at Downsview Dentalalways strive to provide the best treatment plan for your unique individual needs. This is our professional obligation to all our patients.

We use EDI (electronic data interchange) to instantly send claims. Most patients receive their insurance cheques in days rather than weeks. When more extensive treatment is planned we will send detailed information to the insurance company to facilitate the predetermination of benefits.

We will be glad to answer any other questions about financial arrangements and/or dental insurance. Just call or drop us an e-mail at


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